I composed, transcribed, and orchestrated five pieces for use in a mommy-and-me-style class called "Kaleidoscope" for LYRIQ Music School, based in Chicago. The deliverables for this commissioned work were full scores, performance notes, program notes and lead sheets, as well as basic rough audio demos for reference (simple home/on-the-go recordings only). The client asked for socially conscious, anti-racist, inclusive and community-building songs to help children begin to understand the importance of acceptance and diversity from a young age.


From the LYRIQ Music School official website:

Join us in the Northcenter Town Square (4100 N Damen) every Wednesday in June at 10am for free Kaleidoscope classes!

Kaleidoscope is our new class for socially-conscious parents that are looking for enriching musical classes for their babies and toddlers. These classes integrate storytelling with an intentional focus on equity and anti-racist themes. LYRIQ Music School provides group music classes for parents/caregivers and their children that are fun, entertaining, and community building. We cater to families that want a modern slant to traditional “mommy and me” music classes.

Hosted by LYRIQ teacher, Noah Appelbaum.

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